Panasonic launches manufacturing and production of battery-powered tools

A built-in nickel-cadmium battery with the fastest charge time of 1 hour! 

Nickel-cadmium battery with a higher capacity allows longer working time without recharge, and is combined with a more lightweight and smaller body size. 
The charging time was 1 hour, which was revolutionary for both the tool and the user! Masters charged their tools during lunch breaks! 


The first hand-screwdriver in the industry

When the switch is locked, the supplemental mechanism is blocked and it becomes a regular hand-screwdriver. When the screw was screwed in, it was possible to tighten it with hand, just like with a regular screwdriver. If the screw was not screwed in tight enough, it was possible to tighten it by hand, this allowed to significantly improve working quality. This technology was invented by Panasonic and has since been used in majority of our products.


Panasonic battery-powered tools are used in space! 

Used in NASA's spacecraft!

In 1984, Panasonic Electric Tools were widely used during NASA's Space Shuttle program. Tools were actively used for a variety of different tasks in the space! 



Very popular! Electronic speed control. Panasonic was the first rechargable-battery manufacturer in Japan!

You could evenly regulate the speed of rotation with the tip of your finger. In the meanwhile, the electrical scheme allowed to maintain the power, even on very low rotation speeds. It was widely used for long screw screwing and simplified positioning of the drill when drilling was complex (for example, inside of flagstones). 

Технология, которая изменила инструменты! Бесключевой патрон


Revolutionary technology which changed the tool industry! Keyless drill chuck

Nowadays keyless drill chuck is used in almost all tools.
Panasonic was the first in the world to develop and introduce 
keyless drill chuck in 1986. It significantly improved the speed and quality of work, because of the fast drill change.
Keyless drill chuck is one of the main technologies which substantially increased the demand for battery-powered tools. 


Время зарядки инструмента до 6 минут! Инвертор универсальное зарядное устройство

Tool battery charge within 6 minutes! Universal Invertor charger. 

The endless journey towards reduction of charge time. In 1988, Panasonic achieved the record-fast charging of 15 minutes!  And then again, Panasonic developed a new charging technology which would allow to perform a full charge within 6 minutes!
This technology allows to work almost without breaks. Today, the battery charger production is based on the same technology. 



Уменьшите звуковое давление гидравлического удара! Нефть импульсная машина

The neccessity for noise level reduction of hydraulic tools!

Panasonic developed a special solution for masters who worked during early mornings and evenings in living areas. Panasonic developed a special series of impact wrenches with lower noise level in comparison with oil impact wrenches. These series immediately gained large popularity at construction areas! 



Larger battery capacity - lighter weight! Hydrogen battery was introduced.

The use of hydrogen significantly reduced battery weight, by approximately 20% in comparison with the standard nickel-cadmium battery. The ability to reduce battery size means that the power can be increased while maintaining battery size. One year later, the first battery with capacity of 3.0 Ah was finally produced! Panasonic's best batteries enabled the growth of the industry! 



Я изменил инструмент! Ударно-буровой комбайн

Panasonic combined two tools into one!  Drilling machine and un impact wrench!

Impact wrench and drilling machine are visually very similar but had completely distinct functions. It was difficult to combine these tools into one. The ability to change from one tool to another by simply pressing a switch allowed to significantly ease the work at the construction site. This revolutionary Panasonic's innovation was again the first of its kind in the world! 



Даже зарядка или чередование ОК! 2 блока питания совместимы

Battery or plug? Both work!

A new tool was produced which could be both charged through battery and plugged into contact plug. This tool allowed to use both options simultaneously and after a while it transformed into a new power hybrid series. 


Оснащен бесщеточным двигателем и электронным переключателем

Brushless Motor equipped with electronic switch-off. 

- 'I want to use tools to which I am used to.'

Panasonic replied to such masters' request by exchanging the replacable parts of the tool with contactless connection. Panasonic achieved with the help of contactless motor, which has twice times the lifetime of the previous motor.


Объем работы значительно улучшен! Литий-ионный аккумулятор рождение

Lifetime significantly increased! A new Lithium Ion battery was produced

A new battery was produced which had 2.5 times* longer lifetime! There was no memory effect, and consequently no need for charging recovery. A small self-discharge now occured so it became possible to leave accumulator without extra charge and then re-charge it if necessary. It also helped to maintain tool's power, light weight and compactness. 
*in comparison with the standard Panasonic battery 



Оснащен функцией контроля крутящего момента для зарядки

Equipped with torque control function

A sensor detects the motor speed, number of rotations and changes during contact with surface and transforms it into a torque with Panasonic's patented algorithm which is connected to the controller device. It allows to obtain stable and precise torque.


Пыле и водонепроницаемый! Жесткий даже в суровых условиях

Dust and water protection! Confident in complex circumstances. 

Here begins the winning journey of TOUGH TOOL IP, which has passed the strict international certification requirments. Panasonic covered motor and electrical parts with resin, which eliminated the risk of short circuit when working with water. In addition, it gave special protection against dust.




The birth of"DUAL"! Now both 14,4V and 18V batteries could be used in the same tool! 

The new battery is equipped with 'double chain', which allows to detect if the battery is 18V or 14,4V. Enables maximal performance with 18 V and 14,4 V voltages.



Недавно разработанный двойной блок молотка

Newly designed double hammer clutch block 

Hammer block has compact double structure. Because of the additional hammer that covers the main hammer, the vibration during maximal torque has been reduced. 



40th Anniversary of Panasonic Battery Tools Sales 

                    Panasonic Power Tool 40 лет

To deliver tools that meet the high requirments of professionals!
Now again we are accepting new challanges! 


In the Honor of 40th Anniversary of Panasonic Battery Tools Sales we offer tools from the LIMITED EDITION - RED CARBON DESIGN!