In the construction area, tools face the toughest challanges!

Unexpected events, such as equipment being in contact with water or dust can cause damage of tools, which in turn would cause unneccessary problems and complications! The world-famous brand Panasonic has created a special concept of Tough Tool IP, which provides excellent protection against water and dust!

Panasonic Tough Tool IP have passed the standard IP test, which was audited by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). 

Panasonic's dust and water protection technology was developed and tested according to the IP standards. This technology protects tools from damage caused by the solid dust pieces and from water.




Ergonomic and safe tools make work easier! 

For tool manufacturing and improvement, both ergonomic and lightweight factors are equally important. With every new model, Panasonic sets a goal of competing with itself! 

Panasonic's tools allow to achieve maximal working efficiency and minimize user's burden!

The goal of Tough Tools IP is to be master's best tool, everyday, for long-term. This goal has been constantly achieved again and again. 



100% of tool parts are manufactured by Panasonic, which guarantees 100% confidence about the quality of the product!

It is a unique case in the industry where all the parts come from the manufacturer. In Panasonic's tools, every tiniest detail is equally important for achieving the best result! Every detail in the tool has a specific use-case in the meaning.
100% of manufacturing happens at Panasonic's factory, which allows to control and manage the whole production process. 




What do You gain when working with Panasonic Tough Tools IP?

  • You can be confident about your work's result and quality! 
  • The ergonomics of the tools will allow you to achieve greater achievements in your working abilities! 
  • Your work day will not be stopped by unexpected weather conditions or unsuitable room setting! 
  • Lightweight and efficient battery will allow you to achieve more without extra effort or extra recharge! 
  • Safe work during winter & outside - the battery will continue to work even when the outside temperature is very low! 
  • Extended 3-year warranty for the tool, after registering it in the tool manufacturer's website!